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ence is the entire disappearance of the lumen of the tube on

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forearm if this is not successful use forcible extension of the forearm

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become quite effete and the females either refuse to breed or

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gradually increased until on admission to the hospital in November

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in its relation to circulatory disorders. Nearly all the treatment

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between and feet above sea level has a different effect on the

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result is a very strong evidence of an active tuberculous lesion in

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of the original weight which effervesces with acids and

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percentage of the killed and wounded according to the number of

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great tenderness of the inguinal glands the patient usu

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pleura the serous membrane investing the lungs and lining the

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for examination an apex a base two borders and two surfaces. Each

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ing through the local authority but no community ought

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horses a physician therefore he said might very well devote

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who at that time visited the hospital at the Castle and some of

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show themselves. If opium be not well borne by the stomach morphia

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article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases

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there is no longer reason to consider certain cases of progressive per

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contributed by Mr Gregg Wilson and Prof. Windle gives an able

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many recent illustrations of the fatal eflfects of Mghtshade upon

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outlined the work already accomplished. He promised

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gence in table luxuries. For Mr. Rodman considering the

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eye. Une crain entered the eyeball n little alnne and back of

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applicable to man. Dogs can be protected either by in

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if the chemic nature of the process is determined in contrast to the

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slight intlnrnmation which never led to suppuration

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tism and their abnormal processes being generally slug

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In the knee resections in adults from twenty to sixty

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shocks or discharges. It is as it were within the peripheral

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bodies also proved quite numerous in the bone marrow. The liver

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obstruction. Many years ago the author expressed his faith in this

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