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fects of the undefended space itself are very rare but a careful examination

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Continuing his remarks on local applications Dr Semple says

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and the marked predilection of this dilatation for the right

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Schick testing all people in a ward following each new case. Twenty

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minutes every hour and low diet the artery was tied

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Salary ioo per annum with board lodging and washing.

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ciation were gracefully and efficiently presided over by Dr. R.

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fortable support. It should be fitted to a model instead

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Case XLI. W. aged seventeen years had a large abscess of

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of this population. The only attempt at characterizing this

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The task was undertaken and in fifteen days the ulcer having healed

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various doctrines which have been entertained upon this subject

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onwards the venous flow. This manner of relieving cerebral congestion

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existing instruments could be passed upon the stricture from be

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Pharmacopoeia and partly by the recognition that a text book is not

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He bases his diagnosis on the classical picture in

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urine in pancreatic disease lipase the fat splitting fer

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One question more was discussed in the State Association on

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She attributed her condition entirely to a change of life.

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and severe muscular pain on motion. Asked to see her child. Spoke

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cancerous and there was no evidence of its being a tubercular formation

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CCXC. Lncipienl Uremia Acute nephritis Great diminution of

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Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research and by Patricia M.

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omniscience to l e an cx gt lfirio attribute of the Surgeon

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to which he belongs he must attend the practice of medicine for

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