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the former and more than five times that of the latter. And

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result from conditions above the kidneys. Alkalinity due to the presence

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brought to mind and the question naturally arises whether there may not

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The next is the time during which continuous and even profuse sup

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either examined in serial sections or else preparations of the

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its underlying intestinal coils was then brought out for examination.

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twelve years of age vigorous and robust habit of body

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Ultimately the bladder and rectum became involved and the patient

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preserved. Previous to the last illness the urine con

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monitory and accompanying symptoms are absent would readily enable us to

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lation was entirely arrested anil all pulsation and hruil ceased. Two

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cur most readily in those of the lymphatic temperament in whom

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shown. The status of the operation was not settled

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concretion can take place. But i hosphatic stones frequently form in

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gated by Mr Annesley. His researches indeed appear to be

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ont wnioh leaaena the lumen of the larynx will pro.

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sions and respiratory failure and the blood became darker

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condition may lead to the development of coma and the gradual failure of

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With regard to congenital syphilis Findlay and Robertson hold

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without the undue effort. The objective test of covering

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afraid is a common cause of the accident. In this case

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Again admitting that the shell fragment pierced the thorax it must

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covered or streaked with it. Frequent attempts at swallow

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