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method of Luecke consists of the application of rectified oil of

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may have initially been part of the exercise program

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months of age when distemper is most likely to affect

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In the past five and a half years medical treatment of

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patients. One patient examined shows signs typical for

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trix will serve to bring the severed ends of the nerves suffi

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lowed it was discovered that William Hare the keeper of

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nesia and soda acetate of ammonia and nitrate of potash have an

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tions were untreatecl. None of these patients died. The

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which their economic status did not justify. In this con

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vent carbonization it was then divided into small particles and

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ness graver symptoms not developing until some months later. It is

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kidneys. Thus it is seen occasionally in lead or mercurial poisoning also

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ai cbes. Tbe changes occur according to the law that traction

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tion and expiration after this medium breathing is mastered the

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forces and regulate the secretions. What is his work In many

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stance containing glycuronic acid. Lepine has also shown that it

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with deafness and purulent discharge from both ears.

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The effect of the pressure is equally injurious to the organs of

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ceive from the patient fees far in excess of what these plans

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of lesion or other cause. The analogy is drawn between the cases

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Tetanus as an incident of Fourth of July celebrations

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he presents the evidence for this theorv which he has gathered from

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eight hours. It was the latter kinase therefore which

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To give an idea of the author and of his advanced views says

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been found in a gram positive bacterium. An MBRS undergraduate student

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tioner. Thus according to Dr. Allen Thompson in Glasgow in

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leaving this part of the subject that it is very needful to

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may be introduced with the food. Let me illustrate this state

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