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in accustoming the patients to the regimen from which salt is omitted.

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cases may be treated for chronic rheumatism. The hands are usually first

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ptoms are totally different from those attributed to paludal

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leg exceed those from all other diseases combined. The

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below the center indicator and this point is indicated

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retroperitoneal glands are often tuberculous or in a state of cheesy meta

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In the one instance of carcinoma of the thyroid there

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sounds detectable by the ear when applied to the sides of the

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get Eymann and others although there have been minor dif

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The regiatera are so arranged that no bed ia in the

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little nor conld he walk or talk excepting with great pain and

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eggs and milk for dogs milk bovinine broths meat juice and a

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are due to different causes. A majority of the cases correspond to the

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party was safely landed at the ancient town of Helsingore or

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surely diagnosed by the X ray examination. Stierlin of Basle

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labialis was present only in two cases. The lymphnodes are not

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Dr. Lindsley argues that with the present knowledge

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ing about half an inch in every direction but the brain tissue

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spinal nervous centers. This connection is established by

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Fads and Health. Enlightened as we think ourselves we have many more

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by American physicians which have received the support of the pro

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bihtating diseases influenza bronchitis pneumonia etc.

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present to hear but not to vote for or against the scheme.

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Mr. Adams about two weeks in a well nourished adult linih from three

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able business and are naturally averse to embroiling themselves by

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