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the duration, variety, and frequency of repetition be distinctly ordered.

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treatment furnished evidence of the invigorating effects of the baths,

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the animal economy when affected by cold lies in the innervation of

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in the original experiment. When he placed a piece of sponge satu-

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great thoracic oppression or by a gradual development of the local and

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you may be the next customer to get your milk in it loaded

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cases it reduces temperature, and by producing hyperasmic conditions

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ported a casualty for the second time, having been jireviously

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know something of the chemical composition of foods to lay

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Britain generally, to the unrest. ('onsidera!)le unrest was reported

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of the profession for good. Remember their stimulating

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* Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, Nos. 17 and 52, 1895.

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essential to the growth, development, and multiplication of the typhoid

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affair. After a trial in the courts, Whitford was judicially

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size, but even are dilated beyond it, so that more blood is received by

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time the patient feels somewhat uncomfortable, and often begs to be

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Now yott men engaged in industrial ])raetice know that the most

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the characteristic dilatation or narrowing ensues. In other words,

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the patient is snugly enveloped in the wet sheet and no uncovered parts

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Krimmel has shown* by observations on the living subject, after

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variety of other grounds. Upon closer examination, this wave is usu-

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being fondled often by tuberculous parents or nurses. I

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the general symptoms of typhoid fever cease with the cessation of the

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toms are more acute. In prostatic tuberculosis the bladder is highly

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we cannot precisely separate pressure and temperature sensation, but

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John Brainwood — Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet — Edward Miner Gallau-

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only gives rest to the diseased parts, but stimulates tissue change and

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has always been questionable whether rest, proper feeding, and

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the most earnest teachers in Germany are now making an effort in this

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permitted to patients who are not bathed. Brand says the most im-

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regard to his use of the Pasteur antistreptococcic serum in

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d'hote dinner with wine for one dollar and twenty-five cents.

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" kill a patient" by this treatment. Inquiry into the cause of his

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vessels is enhanced; the deep inspiration produced by the swallowing

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compress is changed, as indicated above, the vapor is more slowly

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procedures. The Scotch douche is especially recommended in this

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