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disconnected speech, which is followed by the mania, or by an ambitious

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ing over it, portions of the dress of the dead were exposed. ^ A per-

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were attributed to cysticerci in the muscles and skin, since they were found

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even in an infant of five weeks, though most frequently observed in

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chemical rays of the sun, especially the ultra-violet rays, which irritate the skin and

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present. Albumin may be detected in the urine at the beginning of

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done for his patient. There was no after-thought, but that the suf-

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and tissues by the bacillus tuberculosis. Interstitial and superficial in-

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senile and arterio-sclerotic varieties of atrophied kidney are those in

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then the sound would clearly be due to disease of the arterial valves.

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the habit of obedience (first to those who are above it, and afterwards to

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removed, without the use of chloroform. His wound has entirely

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temperature, a rapid pulse of diminished tension and volume, marked

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of the femur and tibia, when separated yield to the touch. Hemorrhages

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bone becomes seriously diseased, when the lesion appears as a small aper-

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the rule in puerperal peritonitis. Micturition is frequent and painful

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tetanus is at once to be distinguished by the comparative slowness of the

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sis of the muscles supplied by the superior and inferior gluteal nerves.

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distinct diseases, such as athetosis, tremors, choreiform movements, etc.

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towards the liver, and, although normal bile is free from bacteria, the

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charged. Total deaths in two years, 35,579. — C, S, Med. ^ Sur^. Jow.

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in the connective tissue of the goitre, producing a calcification or ossifi-

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tions" <fcc. He seems to have created a windmill out of my opera-

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throughout the kidneys. Such abscesses are to be regarded as depend-

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snaps or snarls like a dog, or crows like a cock, or in some other way

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readily perceived that the only mischief remaining was a small bit of

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tions have been produced experimentally by the introduction into the

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duration in which, at the end of this time, ninety per cent, of the leuko-

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olar walls, and the presence of inflammatory irritants, and even of an

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has been studied and Watched with all the attention the terrible impor*

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from time to time to persons who have suffered from malarial cachexia,

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covered by intestine. The determination of the solid nature of the renal

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only during the day. Indeed, we have seen fatal uraemia from con-

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dences of irritation. The prognosis is hopeless ; treatment without avail.

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a curved ureter, hydronephrosis or pyonephrosis, limited twists of the

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malarial poisoning or from yellow fever. The diagnosis must be made by

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suspicion of a complicating gangrene or suppuration.

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place, and is least in chronic fibrous nephritis, the prognosis of which

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knee, and upon the pericranium and periosteum. They may rapidly

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