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of the pulp than in the bulbous part. This pathological degenerative con-
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a sense of the obligation which the medical student is under to the world,,
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the nervous system. The cases of tetany following excision of the thyroid
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found by application to the editor. — Dr. Ferguson, of Millpoint, Mis-
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the state of things usually attendant on parturition was so nearly perfect,
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the cause of a disease characterised by tumour-formations is detected, that
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the loss of heat. If this constriction of the cutaneous blood-vessels be
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formed. One bite of a dog in the hand : the part involved was cut out.
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The modes of avoiding the causes of tubercles will be readily under-
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Munich, concludes that the intestines are seldom the avenue for tuber-
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careful observation for pioonostic and therapeutic indications. A re-
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tions, in brewers' vats, and in the neighbourhood of lime- and brick-kilns.
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were examined, when a large ulcer was found on the right nipple, from
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hyperexcitability is not confined to the affected parts. It can often be
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wounding of an abnormally placed internal carotid artery. The haemorrhage
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limited to one gland, but in a fair proportion of cases both are affected.
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and only separated by the road from Mount Auburn, in Cambridge. I
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Where gastric derangement .exists, as we often find in persons of
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the respiration was the only apparent general symptom of local disease —
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information relative to the Medical Society, besides a variety of uaefid
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by the administration of quinine and iron may be given for a short time
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slightly irritated. The induration is slight and superficial. Cicatrisation
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ing are some of the examples cited. Equal parts of alum and tartaric
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and swings his leg or has it moved both forward and backward.
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The whole epigastric region was painful at times ; but a prominent
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The stomach and part of the intestinal canal may be single, but often the
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Ravenel separated another culture from the mesenteric glands of a child and
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diathesis is the result of — 1. Hereditary disposition. 2. Cold and damp
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sanity. This Section is also much improved and improving. There
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Rare instances of true relapse of typhus have been recorded by Curschmann.
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diminished in size. On removing the dressings the wound presents a
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joy the blessings of universal peace, political honesty and true patriotism.
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disuse of one's jaws and teeth, owing to the prevalence of cooking, the
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the loss of heat. If this constriction of the cutaneous blood-vessels be
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and spasms have been frequently induced by menial excitement, sad-
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cult canal between the integuments and tympanum. The sense of
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membrane of the air cells of the lungs, which at first had been, probar
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Ing one" dollar, postpaid, widiout which, no letter will be taken from the post office. Oct. 25.
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[Communicated for Ihe Boston illedicnl and Surfieal Journal.]
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" In the first period of the disease, when the sputa were mucous and
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