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Effort at motion causes crackling in the joint and false crepitus. This
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ratio of mortality being about one in one hundred. Those who were inocu-
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of practice in these cases is to give half an ounce of the infusion every three
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is great restlessness and anxiety, accompanied by an increase of the pulse-
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The tongue is thickly coated, and later, covered with black crusts. There
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tion of any deep seated abscess, or in the discharge of pus from the knee
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great service in limiting their formation ; the va})or of iodine, muriate
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ceeded in producing a fever, and the characteristic lesions of typhoid fever,
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a uniformly red and glistening appearance. In malignant cases the hyper-
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gland, a tumor pressing on the ureter, paralysis of the bladder, or an
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define the associated terms of which use will hereafter be made. The
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4. The candidates shall be examined before their names are submitted for
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grooved on either side, and is '' unarmed." The head is
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complications, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, ])ulmonary tubercle, acute
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another. From these adhesions stenosis may result, by the flaps becoming
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and at rest, and antiphlogistic measures applied until the swelling is so
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hopeless. The perspiration in this condition has a urinous odor.
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with the exception of transverse fracture, where the line of fracture does
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flesh and strength, night-sweats, dyspeptic symptoms, and not infrequently
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disease ; sometimes patients with this disease pass into a state of complete
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restlessness. The pulse is rapid, the pain is greatly increased by firm press-
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shining mass. Often both forms of degeneration occur together, one or the
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4. Incomplete Fracture is one in which the bone is not separated
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severe cases, edema of the limb is common. The tissues of the limb
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of the tissues involving the erector spinae mass, denuding the iliac
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fcecal vomiting, no tympanitis, and the vomited matters will contain traces of
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teu's metliod ; by tiius dissolving the miclei, the colored bacteria are much
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Snake-Bite. — The venom of certain reptiles introduces into the cir-
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External Iliac. — The external iliac artery is accessible in any part
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old dislocations, it is necessary to prepare the joint for the operation
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typhlitis there will be a history of colicky pains, dyspepsia, irregular action
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parts of the body, forced movements, muscular contractions, direct and
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the decomposition and disorganization of the tissues. Strange to say,
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matic paroxysms, which may develop into a permanent asthma. Third. —
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