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the disease, that some Practitioners could not continue in the

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ment of the toes. This forms the minimal response to appropriate stimula-

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Fischer. Chemical Urobilin a Mixture of Substance, Zeit. f. Physiol. Chem.,

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Levy-Bing et Gerbay. Des conditions permettant l'abortion de la syphilis.

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x-ray examinations. The two reports were then placed side by

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The fatty acid salt antigens were dispersed in broth, and this broth used

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bronchial tree, but the lesions probably represent reflex effects brought

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organisms have been studied by testing the protective power of

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respects, are calculated to further the march of medical sci-

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Of particular note in this table is the large number of patients

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contained 5.5 mg. He claimed he has been on a diet that was nearly

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(For a discussion of the question see Medical Science 1920-1, 3, 332.)

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and chest after six days. Guinea-pigs and rabbits were insusceptible.

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under examination. When describing the episode in the church,

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and Venereal Diseases. Philadelphia and London, J. J. Lippincott, 1920, 12th

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retention of urine usually lasts for about three weeks, the reflex activity of

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while others consider it only in reference to hepatic insufficiency.

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on June 27, 1912, the history being that she had been ill with a

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per cent, acid (HC1) alcohol, and counterstaining in a 1 per cent, solution of

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Thorax, On opening the thorax, the lungs on the right side

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tion on the radial artery, that its effects on the powers of circula-

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that she did better on a second attempt. She writes well and reads aloud

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irritation of the liver. He looks upon a decreased fibrin content as of bad

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Riickenmarksverletzung. ZlscJir. f. d. ges. Neurol, u. Psychiat., 1912, 13, 444.

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from other mice. Other family strains show a high frequency of

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The present paper deals with the ferment ' succino-dehydrogenase ', which

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not been more ambitious and have been content with an elementary text-

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forward to the frontal region. The pain was usually a dull ache, at times a sharp.

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I. Literarisch-kritische und experimentelle Untersuchungen uber den Fried-

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infection was acquired by other means than a mosquito bite. The records

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performed, but with absolutely negative results, though on this occasion

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these patients treated by Dr. Billings; those who have done so surelj^ must

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the attempt with the same instrument, he should wash it clean

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amount from 750 to 850 c.c. Specific gravity ranged from 1008 to 1012;

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spontaneous haemorrhages from visceral mucous surfaces, and the large

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applied superficially or thrust into the substance of the tissue. They are

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local applications) of a symptomatic and palliative character may

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spiration with the peculiar smell of the morbid effluvia. Some

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in the urine. The cause of this was found at death to be an extremely

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blood in 88 patients examined. High values for creatinine usually indicated

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death after operations upon the thyroid gland, I was surprised to

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