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ical surgical and elective divisions of the Hospital and
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of such members of the clerical profession as arc not satisfied with
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in flaming advertisements gathering and reporting his
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self had gladly and diligently read the books of those who had
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unfortunately in not a few cases to inflammation of the meninges and
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division of certain parts of the sympathetic system occasioned the
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taining and selfsufficing seeking under all circumstances
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Protopopofif at the same time showed that the intravenous injection
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The prognosis is more unfavorable when it occurs with a history of nervous
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the bursa and tlie knee joint. A case of liyperostosis correspond
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conjunctiva and the impregnation of ihe urine with bile pigment sufH
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made but the x ray examination proved to be negative
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cumflex musculospiral musculocutaneous median ulnar and internal
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sensation in the index finger of the left hand. At the operation
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bodily disease and exhibited chiefly in an obstinate refusal to answer questions
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been little changed or only slightly modified. The cause of the disturb
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I desire to say to the medical profession that in all forms of
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judicially and sit in judgment upon the acts of other
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disease. The natural colour of the Schneiderian membrane and
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from the basal ganglia from the cervical cord from the vagus trunk and
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We next washed the wound out with a carbolic solution and
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channels and extension through the lymph glands to the
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When the sweat breaks out if it does not extend freely to
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have so many points of resemblance that the one dis
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heart rate remained at to per minute unless the patient exercised
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that the serum did not destroy the toxine bat uther
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sion to the patient research which had for result to discover
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have their influence but at most it will be but temporaiy and
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still in doubt. One of the important details in per
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vitreous disorganization hemorrhage into the eye lesions at the macula
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When I note the varieties of disease and mark how hidden are
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group of affections met with frequently in the northern
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dysenteric varieties. In diminishing tissue change and in
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more comfortable and the twitching was seldom noticed.
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A very characteristic species readily recognized by its entire strongly revolute
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to it is ougao or ougam the last syllable being pronounced like the
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dation of scientific knowledge or they grow down out of
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ferential Diagnosis between Diffuse Atrophy of the Skin and Acro

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