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persons have been taking mercury (oil' and on) for months or
and the regroupings of interests and efforts as these
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energy and wisdom in its solution. Shock is of first
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as indicated by experiment I : the ferruginous indication being
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blance between the poliomyelitis virus and the virus
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This is a book which will not add to Dr. Hall's reputation. It
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important place in the late treatment of infections.
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blood, the accompanying lactic acid is considered as
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tion are defined in international treaties with other
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reaction with rigors and high fever, depression and
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many cases in which radium had been tried, reappli-
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hen's egg, made its appearance above the symphysis pubis, and gradu-
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which usually brings the patient for treatment is the
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the general air in the shade was 82° Fahrenheit, and it never
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malingerers as a rule, in the practice of malingerv
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digestive functions there are frequently developed in females
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were pus and blood, a strong solution of nitrate of
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cf the fact that the proposed amendment to the Sanitary
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place in the country was, through unaccountable obstinacy,
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cussed, whether or not it would be advisable for the
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cornea, should then be broken off, and the cut surfaces of the
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Ol^eralive Treatment of Chronic Intestinal Sta.^'s By Sir
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to the great vascularity of the structures involved,
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was sought. He applied the galvanic fluid to the tympanum, and by
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ihey may so closely simulate lichen planus, or even
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paratus for such a filter is easily made. (See Fig.
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of a one inch piece of rubber tubing to a thirty c. c.
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manner, under the several heads of Etiology, Diagnosis, and
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the presence of a pleasing scent of flowers indicates
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sible to continue the nursing. Its progress is swift
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two who were not included in the calculation of the
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organ is concerned, the average index finger is a full
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was treated at once, recovered without this compli-
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modern times, were small, an entire army represent-
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by me, and markedly exhibit the great utility of registering
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several years ago that the cocci infections tend to
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cornea should be kept moistened with some of the secretion from
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tion of the alTected organs in the abdomen they are
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ries, to be sure, but different from that kind which allows of
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uterus, effusion of lymph with induration, and abscess We have
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is small and regular. I find that her sister, of whose death you
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connexion between it and inflammation of the substance and the se-
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called, or develop various neuroses for the lack of

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