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could not be due to cancer of the stomach or any ob-

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productive of the serious evU of checking those habits

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for his enforcement of a restorative practice in its cure.

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a fe,v weeks or months it becomeritered 'in r-Lrnf I ^'°'P'*.^.' ^, .^l^^ 1°^* eye had become inflamed and

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Wolston, Walter Thomas Pridpaux, England. On Erysipelas,

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that the outlook is never so good when appeal has to be made to other

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that were with him, but he omitted it altogether. My

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section, in his view, was to be applied, not for the

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substituted for " Branch" by Mr. Tidd Pratt, not by

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eration of the right auriculo-ventricular orifice. Similar lesions have

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rendered too thick to circulate ! Unheard of atrocity!

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ground and try his luck again in Cheshire, which is

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three or four years the southern countries of Europe

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ence, was called to great exertions, in order to over-

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students, whose period of professional education is

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almost always present at this time, and in certain diseases attended

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held in the evening of August 1st, will be occupied

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dependently and sometimes in connection with pneumonia as a prod-

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■magaificum. " Nature acts by infinitesimal doses."

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