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the pain. At 8.15 p.m. the pulse was one hundred ; respirations,

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Jingle , confi filing of five Leaves apiece , of a pure

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ceived) and therefore afcribes all the Virtues of the

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The first theory, namely, the obstructive theory, is suggested

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the tops, bare of Leaves, and at the tops of each of

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long in the Sun, and will not be fit to be kept with-

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as the former Spanifh , but not fo high as the laft.

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oris Purpureis , Elf venis intro refpicientibus : no-

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crines, but no substance known to us to-day exercises the slightest

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opens Obftru&ions of the Reins, Ureters and Blad-

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3 . Cytifus vulgaris, Cytifus vulgatior, Cytifus pin-

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and lharp, as is- that of Sciatica Creffes, and works

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where possible, should be boiled. Frequent flushing of the streets,

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too thin, for all will not come up; and if they do,

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eases are important factors in the production of insanity, suffi-

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in every proportion , in the Roots , Stalks , Leaves,

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fides, alfo in St. fames' s Park , and In Tuthil-Fields ,

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interest in the soKjalled mysteries, such as philosophy, alchemy and

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are called Vinacea, pi. by Columella, and by us the

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such graduation, and, if practicing under a license from

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Theophrafii , as Camerarius in his Epitome : ( but Vi-

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fomerimes called Swallow- wort , in anfwer to the lat-

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and a committee appointed by the State Society and the Opthal-

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of a light or pale blcwifh color : After which, comes

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