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was graduated from Bellevue Hospital Medical College in 1870.
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fluid from the stomach is small in quantity and the
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written, has been of great practical advantage here. For
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Khrlich und H. T. ISIashall. Burl. klin. Woch., No. 2.5, 1902.
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Codman, K. A. Report of three cases of traumatic rupture of the kid-
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tuberculosis, either by the State, cities or towns,
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I case of placenta previa seek a consultant, a skillful
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Tuberculosis. The alleviation of tuberculosis, 327; altitude treatment.
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was preferable to gastro-jejunostomy, from the fact
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3. Moist peat has been found to be invariably acid in
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ands palpable. Scar of old sinus close to the anus on
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since the patient was in sufficiently good condition
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Preventing Disease. Bv Floyd M. Crandall, M.D. New York:
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lary portion or cortex of the other killed the animal
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Rontgen Ray. Note on the use of the fluorometer to estimate the pro-
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L. Morris, passed assistant surgeon. Ordered to the " Min-
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cardiac strength of his patient may oftentimes be oik
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line between the " variables of health" and disease
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who have not bowed the knee to tills B lal, but who practice caute
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infections occur. It gives directions for recogniz-
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found to act even where other diuretics had failed.
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Clinical Guide for the Use of Practitioners and Students of
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then we have had occasionally slight visitations, but
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was well, doing a fair day's work, and stated that he had
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the reposition by the gradual and careful manipula-
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of the Guards, who is admu-ably adapted for his re-
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the original source of infection rather than direct con-
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to medical out-patients at the Boston City Hospital.
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mortality among rats of a locality, while neglecting
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For the week ending July 18, in Boston, according to ob-
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occupied and filled by a string of thick ])us, which

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