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Caesarean rederivation techniques and may prove to have useful application

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elected county superintendent of health for Morganton and will remove to Morganton.

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hydrogen by one unit. Its composition is CH CI. Bi

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If the tumors are not congenital they must of course

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the life of our late member Dr. Roscoe R. Bell be inscribed as

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pathetic. There is something inexpressibly moving in the slow and

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that the inbreak upon his baneful habit was sufficiently

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are perhaps drawn upwards. Indeed there is no end to the cruel

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cidal drug must be emi loyed until the germs have entirely disap

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result. The author continued in illustration of the method

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the acting surgeons severally the operation of ovariotomy which they declined to

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The most frequent indication is persistent paralysis which shows no

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This unexampled triumph over mankind is the more re

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operation bears considerable resemblance. The want of his illustrative plates

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changes in chronic Bright s disease than muscular hyper

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cinoma. Two were in the upper extremity of the femur. One

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incision was made and the tumor was dissected out up to the

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maximum as causes of death in the months of April and May.

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Tickets for the Course Demonstrator s Tickets included

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otherwise hopeless cases its use is amply justified.

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prolonged use is followed by impairment of nutrition

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an early symptom becomes manifest in the hands lips and tongue.

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from bacterial decomposition of the food that enters the intestines

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An attack of frank paroxysmal gout constitutes a crisis in an

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