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double this quantity in half an hour, and gave again 1 grain in another

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was one of his schoolmasters. Shattuck afterwards went to

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opportunity of removing the suspicions of reactionary ten-

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brilliant results. The ravages committed by cholera amongst

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peritonitis remain simple in character, it may leave scarcely a

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Now there are substances which are difficult to demon-

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key in position, and was empty. The third was a new arrival, lying on

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The committee of the conference appointed to discuss the

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and 14.7 in Nottingham, to 23.3 in Liverpool and in Oldham, 24. .5

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The Recorder of Dublin has recently had a case before him

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This question is further well illustrated by the difficulty

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and to be put to the test by eager and competent physicians.

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Tottenham, of which Mr. Burdett himself says that it

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officer. They were brought through the streets of the town in an ordi-

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not that the new apostle proposed a general "stampede"

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the Massachusetts General Hospital, an office in which he

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nal of February 2'.th, p. lOij. The prescription was as follows: "R

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course, the tea made by percolation is very much paler in

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engaged in eliciting tlie truth by testing the evidence on

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in connection with a movable kidney which had before given

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ineducable, and after full trial are dismissed to their homes.

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Amongst much that no British surgeon, we believe, would

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well ventilated, and free from all dust, damp, aud mouldiness, with the

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Surgeon-Colonel A. H. HiLsON, M.D., Bengal Establishment, has retired

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phonal. The average period of addiction has been 8J years.

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angle of the mouth vertically downwards, and then along the

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is somewhat viscous, and upon healing remains unchanged,

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July 19th, and October 25th, 1893. Candidates for elec-

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where much congested. The lungs were also extremely congested, but

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diarrhcea — freces watery, foetid, and day-coloured. Tempera- |

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of the right broad ligament. The placenta, 9 inches in

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Belben, F., L.R.C. P.Lond. Macnaughton-Jones, H., L.R.C.P.

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The patient was subsequently brought once a fortnight to

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ham ; P. C. Colls. King's College ; H. N. Coltart, St. Georges Hos-

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to be recognised as Privat-docent, but his application was

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same period being 20.4 in London and 18.5 in Edinburgh. The 193 deaths

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This may not seem a rapid procws, and the need for it may

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the population, estimated by tne Registrar General to be rather more

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Mr. H. E. Powell, London. (B) Dr. J. J. Ridge, Enfield; Dr. R. R.

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report before us will help to clear the ground and lighten the

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is needed. Is it necessary however that, in order to meet

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trate the disabilities connected with the sick leave of medical officers

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