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disturbing procedures. The same measures are to be avoided

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osseous tumours under the name of Osteoids. Of the constitutional

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Tampenture. A oaee of hyperthermy JaoobI A. a comfort

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gitis frequently complicate the severe bronchial inflammation from which

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lished and sent to the different communes. I at the same time mentioned

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two cases illustrating another method of removing Foreign Bodies from the Urethra.

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Eclectics and retending lo give lectures and graduate

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both as given by the mouth and by injection dissolved

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stantially the training that will best provide an adequate founda

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ether the cervix was dilated preparatory to curetting a Wylie

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for at least an hour to remove the poison which is being

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it is spoken of as headache in others as nervous or sick headache.

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a pithy summary of the development of the germ theory con

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Fads and Health. Enlightened as we think ourselves we have many more

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The most important and the most efficient of these remedies is

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after closure of a joint indicated an effusion into

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and their colour somewhat chained. This appearance differs j ccord

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must be treated in a two fold manner viz. for the whole

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digital pressure was resumed and continued for six hours daily for three

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rhcea consequent on the ingestion of a few glasses of ci

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interesting point of this paper. It would seem very strange if a

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A considerable company of hay fever victims migrate each season to the

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hand some of the sanatoria have taken particular pains to exclude

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Case CCVI Diabetes Mellitus Phthisis Puhwnalis Vomica on Bight

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plex reappears in consciousness in the disguised form of paranoia

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had never breathed. The absence of any registration

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ard is the ratio of the uric acid excreted in the twent

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of the larger patches one or more comparatively healthy lobules

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intoxication were seen. It is a noteworthy evidence of

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opening of the temporal artery has been recommended and

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ments of this period may group themselves in seeking

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the country the root of the lateral not being folly

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