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mild tenotomies did not bring good results. When cases

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— is not the sole source of concern to the sufferer from

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patient has a cancer, whether it is in situ or inva-

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to a stranger — the Eajah receiving them in lieu of rent.

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ment of Psy'chology', University' of Rochester, hasj

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21. Have pregnancies and confinements been free from accidents?

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w’riters and physicians in the above arrangements

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the therapy resulted in a return of the vertigo and also

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a low-cystine or low-sulfur diet will only meagerly

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“All fees shall be established on the basis of an ap-

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ral labor ; he would even go so far as to say its use in such

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trin in divided doses were added to maintain surgical

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not allopathists. The regular practice of medicine is baded on no such

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Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia

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and the Treasurer’s report were read, accepted and

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cation should be repeated will vary in proportion to the severity of the

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in the blood of her purifying sixteen days." And at the end

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6. Bradasch, H A., and Sciarrillo, T. S.: J. M. Soc. New

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relieve mucosal congestion ^ to2teaspoonfulsjchildren, % to 1 teaspoonful.

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the expense as arises out of the use for professional

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had practiced in Cazenovia for fifty-two years until

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A temporary suspension, succeeded by an increase of the

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{See pages 882 and 884 for additional Society Officers)

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Licensed by the Illinois State Department of Public

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natics do not reason. We are acquainted with the sad results of this

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contacting public relations chairmen and other offi-

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or three minutes. She was very dizz 3 ', had severe

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