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this country Rontgen therapy as a method of treatment of

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ment that has taken place since the days of beef and little

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Co. Dublin rain fell on days to the amount of. inches

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the family had reluctantly given their consent to the

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for which I confess I was not at first prepared since neither

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aorta showed well marked atheroma of the syphilitic

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quent cause. It is a very frequent attendant upon typhoid and dysenteric

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sticking steady coming in waves with intervals of more or less relief. Has

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was enduring and his life a continual inspiration to

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sation of our milk supply was of more importance to the

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fatal paroxysm and upon dissection it appears that an effu

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during a period of years. In the Registration Area of the United

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day be was simply a little nervous. The testimony of every wit

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croaches upon the superimposed soft coverings of the

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tation of correct principles and in the accuracy of their con

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At one time a pulsus paradoxus was regarded as diagnostic of indurative

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street will always be remembered with satisfaction by those who

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The immediate practical import of renal examination

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and other chlorides some also sulphates of sodium magnesia and

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supposed to act as sorbefacients. The complete removal of the exu

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on its vital properties as against fleas because they are never

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The origin of the different series of cells is the primitive lymphoid

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an examination of Mr. Haldane s New Model under the

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caping in a fine si ream and with pain. Frequent painful

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present the size shape consistency and position of the uterus

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of the operation is answered by reason of the abundance of the

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The American Army authorities working under the direc

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ment of the small knob at H the esophoric and exophoric

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