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School. If any candidate is found to be deficient in any particular
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or shorter period of failing health. Sometimes the sym tonis set in
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application shonUI b accompanied by oartlMatai MMd OB nertonal
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stances Sansum. The actual rate of excretion of arsenic into the
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already quoted Sir Charles says that at the conference on
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ducted with extreme care and it is desirable always to use a
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shown that in the German army in which there has been
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associations the absence of the two latter is the great objection
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which at the time had the interesting title of the Hezekiah
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subjected to irritation or from repeated injury as a con
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all possibility of doubt the existence of a pathogenic relation between
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touched the ground while the outer border of the foot was
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ism coming on after operation he thought was largely due to
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frequently seen a child affected with croup lying in a confined room
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swollen. When the effusion is large the erect position may give some
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great numbers are beginning to form. Some of the earliest are
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whitish or yellowish white and vary in size from those resembling
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swelling commences to be perceptible a liniment composed of ol.
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the English character that we must seek for an explanation of the
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vice in representing jequirity as so easily handled when so
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The following table is of interest as showing the dates after vaccina
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tions cause heart failure and death. It would also ap
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emphatic expressions which show how important he deemed it to keep the
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weight by Raoult s method Abel concludes in favour of the
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time after the disappearance of all the other signs of pleurisy. Retraction
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symptoms and it is suggested that in such cases the thymus secretion
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although I had triumphed deductively. There is a moral in
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I. A positive diagnosis of the origin and extent of an aneurism which
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Gordon H. S. The Adams Stokes Svndrome with Report of Two Cases
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studies by Bainbridge and Beddard on various questions
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its influence upon the advancement of medical science
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the entire pelvis was filled with uriue and extravasated

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