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riutrient broth and liver broth, and then planting into lactose bile.
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In both of these conditions, especially for dilatation, it is first of all
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may cause feelings of flatulency, increased peristalsis, diarrhoea, and, if
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the daily dose is increased to 30 or even 60 drops of Fowler's solution
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6. A new sub-culture is made in the same manner and from the
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representatives of the Scotch Universities and Corporations the position of the
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yet the administration of stimulants is advisable (heavy wine, Hun-
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dations, the pulmonary capillary circulation on such air-cell walls
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dilution of i : 1,000; the other strains were negative.
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some of the injected fluid or of cell contents on withdrawal of the
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Pennington and Roberts (1908) (p. 77) make the statement that their evidence
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of the cardiac plexus, or (2) by the direct irritation of the vagus from
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culosis and Insanity," which appeared in the Journal of Mental
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account of the imperfect cardiac power and the atheroma of the vessels.
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had met. He would propose that the Secretary should communi-
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"That the germinal matter exists in a state of extreme minuteness, the following experi-
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and heat and fever highest, were not those attended with the most
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The first step in the operation is to sterilize each loop by flaming
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oil of turpentine, pix liquida, or copaiba balsam :
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t Read before the meeting of the American Public Health .Association, Milwaukee, September $, 1910.
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permanent all-the-year-round residence is desirable, find here very favor-
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bacteria in the urine, owing to the large amount of formaldehyde which
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cure of syphilis be controlled by the serum reaction but that the
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VIII. Transfusion of Blood and Poisoning.— Ymsllj, venesection
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into the patient's vein. Meanwhile, the second syringeful is being
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their origin, but also upon external influences. He then pointed
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Lunatic hospital, should each have a separate locality, and be situated
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and we propose devoting a short space to the diseases from which
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has been moving some time. This is well known in horses the
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voluted tubules the cells were somewhat cloudy ; but even these
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dilated ; breathing hard. 4.27.— Convulsed. 4.30.— Dead. The
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and many were overrun with the staphylococcus, showing that the secondary organisms
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undergone. The blepharoplast and nuclei move together, while the posterior end
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lution of common salt and boric acid if the secretion is mucous, and a
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Symptomatology. — While there are several phases or t\'pes of the disease, the

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