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Evaluation. On evaluation it appears that the number
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we have diminished the mortality in cases of acute inflammation so we
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dices which the natives of Hindostan have against it a more
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in the system. Another possible source of such vitiation is
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myocarditis by histological examination. Such instances however serve
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perature chart. This temperature record covers exactly a year within two
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letters addressed resptvtively to the Hon. Redfield
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frequency cauterization at the periphery of the tumor. When
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days. The intestine was left in the sac and the patient
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be weak or even abolished as also the vocal resonance. The heart
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of refraction and determine the relative range of convergence
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Judd reports a case of autotransplantation of the appendix a
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Fat and Blood an Essay on the Treatment of Certain Forms
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duces its effect rapidly with little irritation. Chi
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proper statistics adduced ovariotomy would be found far to
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neous or imperfect mode in which they studied these operations
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ness mo. pp. fifty cents being discourses at Geneva by Count
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relieves the obstruction at the upper level can have no effect whatever
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foul pain and numbness in the extremity still distresses him
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and in the posterior portion of the trunk particularly over the
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or a virulence sufficient to cause the fever. In the second group the
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may occur and the presentation become a vertex one. Fail
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of ether emesis chloroform as a rule is better tolerated by
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endocarditis are congestive heart failure persistent
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extensively with tuberculosis in about six weeks to two months.
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The incision for all these operations should be three quarters
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domen. The intestines protruded and about eight feet of the

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