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the mint. This matter of the vaccine scar seems to me of very
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to spine of ilium. Exposure of peritoneum. Index finger between latter
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Incidentally laryngitis was present in three cases elon
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some cases of this kind. Enlargement of the lymphatics below the sac
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disease. Once properly applied it will loosen the crusts
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which was situated just at the peno scrotal junction.
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pulse the involuntary passage of the urine and fseces and the general
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of pilocarpine and atropine three in favor of eserine alone and two
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tral origin a certain point being involved for a correspond
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intestine a procedure which I believe Avill come to be recognized
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Gangrene of the genital organs has been observed in a few cases.
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care of their own health to the importance cases diphtheria in Both diseases
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Stereoscopic Radiographs of the Ghest and Gastro lntestinal Tract
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ing the phenomena of Cheyne Stokes respiration. Cold perspiration
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to be the tryphine and a xp av otpaxrog y or jagged
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the submaxillary ganglions usually accompanied by an inflammation
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of the larger bronchiectatic cavities are horribly fetid.
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and usually there is connected with each a toilet room with baths
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If the perforation is small it may cause localized peri
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Cork pavonent is not altogether a novelty. It has been
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gomeruli and uriniferous tubules are packed with bacteria thus adding the
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much complex indiscriminate drugging will be saved and
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any adequate saperviaion over the proper oo ordlnaUon of
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as a complication of many acute infective diseases and is sometimes
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cations that must necessarily modify the benefits which would other
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of the disease into the lungs. As MacCallum has emphasized it is
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Always take breakfast before leaving the house in the morn
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