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the percussion douche. Applied to the spine especjally this

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one or two points of minor importance were open to discussion.

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the nature of which is such that no sooner the sunbeams are withdrawn

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sults of a collective investigation covering fifty cases in which large

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privilege and pleasure to wear in a conspicuous manner as the

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epithelium and broken down red blood corpuscles. The diar

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or at all events produces uterine or vaginal haemorrhage even if

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for it upon the physiological action of iodofurni by Rnmino

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was first observed to be dilated. Has been treated by two phy

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containing together a powdered red squirrel nerve powder

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birth or from an early age that he is unable to guard himself

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tenderness and contracture. Pain can easily be produced by

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to work with victims of domestic abuse. Don t say I

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work and held very constantly at the indicated temperature. One jar

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different public bodies whilst honours from all quarters

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of the disease. Medical knowledge in support of this pre

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the yolks of eggs and a teaspoonful of oil of turpentine to

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Harrison ibid. May tUh thinks the chief value of the cystoscope

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scarcity of physicians in Russia and he ascribes the lack of

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mouths in permanent camps the kitchens and messes must be

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the cough results from a catarrhal process at the apex it

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as above mentioned. This proportion to the total number of

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whole body excessively thin. In this state he was taken to the

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Nil. Poncet working upon another case from Gafsa states that he

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section dealing with this disease should be consulted.

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