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it Before another decade passes away the general surgeon

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the avoidance of secondary infection because of lack

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ited high school with fifteen units in acceptable subjects including certain pre

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matic form and polished surfaces were then also very apparent.

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pointment as physician to the St. Louis Hospital which he has held

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winds were always in the ascendancy and the southwest and

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government to prevent disease. Never before was the misery

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can be produced normalhj by cold and then be caused to disappear

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Emetics should be given in full doses and repeated in five

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wall displacements and fixations of the uterus tubes and ovaries. The con

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retina at the commencement of the attack. Argyll Robert

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In cases of viraginity a birth accident similar to effemin

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system through peculiar bodies concerned perhaps in an internal

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of the size of in hcads were found in the tissue of

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organic disease of the organ the fatty substances eaten as food

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ing that Hunter was either neglectful or doubtful about

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condition to an attack of grip which she had had several months

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proper time report all such matters together with the

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cles. At the same time an inflammatory areola shows itself around the

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it comes in as a family trait it is transmitted. In successive generations

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pericardium or exhaust the already impured vitality

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Alex Tunibull E.X. reports a case of popliteal aneurisui

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can be explained by the predominance in varying degree of each of

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It is the opinion of the distinguished The bacterial and chemical condition

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can Association for the Advancement of Science in Cleveland when

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presence of a cellular exudate into the spaces of the soft

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even the so called genuine epilepsy of its mysterious functional

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