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as good results from the simplest methods as from those requiring more
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in eighteen, boric wicks in ten, and rubber tubes in two. We
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peritonitis, following perforation, may develop insidiously must be
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inflammations whose disturbing influence is exerted upon the organs
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no time to be sick had Tommy. Those with us were in-
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knee-elbow position was practised during irrigation. The patient
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fKongress fur innere Medicin, Wiesbaden, April 7th, 1896.
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for human food. Go to our cattle-yards and you can pick out
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and deep fascia of the flanks, buttocks, or interscapular region. The
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McNulty was a very fine man, who is still living in South-
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the rectal temperature not much if at all diminished; in the other, the
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obviously the most rational thing to do is artificially to supplement
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race degeneracy, through the female particularly, and she not
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has ever after been a lesson to me to conserve the strength
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with a fatal result (myocardite segmentaire). It is, however, a signif-
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difficult thing you have to do is to say what amount of work a
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(1) Lips. — Whilst tuberculosis of the lip is (|uite rare, the possibility
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belief that it is most common among those who live sedentary
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improved, and rarely occurred in cases admitted early. The intes-
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come to be a routine treatment, which is of value just in accordance
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ciuirges, and particularly that branch of the question to which 1
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those existing in the dark ages. You have learned from European
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2. Thyroid feeding will increase the excretion of the allox-
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pursue a chronic course, interrupted by frequent exacerbations or true
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end of long voyages, for if not, they usually go on a debauch
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Osier, James, Dock, Koplik, and others in the United States, by Van
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Mr. S , from Owensboro, Ky., aged 26 years, merchant, consulted me at
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sary for their control and successful treatment. The Civil

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