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in dilution of only 1:5,000; after washing twice in saline even this

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to be used were chopped fine, placed in a drying oven at 70°C. within

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hand, and one in the groin, affecting the tissues down to and includ-

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and the large joints are generally first attacked. Kidney complications are

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nervous system, agglutination in dilutions of 1 : 5 and higher was

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44°. In the middle of the day of the 22d, the thermometer rose to

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filled with a similar fluid. The fluid contained in the large intes-

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Of the thirty-eight rabbits injected with the streptococci, eighteen

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albendazole (albenza) or mebendazole (vermox)

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the 5th day of the infection only from 200 to -^oo °f the injected bac-

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both animals studied was accompanied by some antibody response

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persons who were successfully vaccinated by the late Dr. Joseph

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laughter being apparently always at their command. Hallucinations and

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28 Ewing, Malarial Parasitology, J. Exp. Med., 1900-01, v, 446.

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Treponema pallidum are present in the sera of a proportion of cases

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affected than those receiving specimens with higher iodine contents.

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efficiency of the primary vaccination, and only recommend it with

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in I he Stale. It should be a systematic plan. One argu-

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feel fresh again. Simple feeding of the nerve cells

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it had cut through, posteriorly. Between a and the lumen of the vessel the orig-

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head. Since her confinement to the house, she has been until within

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and the mouth drawn to the right If I understand aright, the

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Staphylococcus aureus diluted five times with isotonic salt solution.

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there is slight motion of the arm and fingers ; sensibility in left side

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infection of the mice occurred. Incidentally, the effect of heating

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itimes be used with advantage, but the reaction must then be

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and descending colon ; but they did not produce free evacuations.

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On the other hand, the glands, as a rule, seemed to be larger than

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It will thus be seen that of the experimental animals fifteen, or

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