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the scalp and a certain form of eczema. He pointed out the extension

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what has also been called the diastaltic arc. To the right, A, are axis-

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officer, giving the kinds and numbers of examinations made dur-

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length ; many of them are implied in the foregoing paragraphs. The

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under paraphrenia ; that is, Group 3. Fifth and last comes the group

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paper is thus divided into eighths, each segment span-

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symptoms offers little difficulty ; neither, perhaps, does the subacute

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this patient, nor in others who have come under observation, has there

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have been found in preparations from a case of paralysis agitans in which

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Parasitic Tropical Diseases. Eond. 1883. — 40. Morris, M. Ringworm in the Light of

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head or ear, and vertigo (if this latter may be counted as an auditory

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Hardy, and Vidal have described ringed forms of the disease, which some

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yet end in recovery ; even after twenty years. In others the disorder

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their excessive dryness and want of elasticity. And the aspect of the

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He even offered, in his noble admiration of Johnson, to take

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